Top 5 Beard Trimming Tips

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Trimming A Beard Is Not As Easy As It Looks.

Follow these 5 beard grooming tips so you don’t do yourself ugly.


1. Don’t trim your beard while it’s wet. Hair is heavier and hangs straight when it’s wet, so it looks longer than when it’s dry. If you trim your beard while it’s wet you may notice that you have cut too much after your beard dries. Also your beard style looks different when wet. Therefore it’s better to trim and shape your beard when it’s dry to achieve the desired look.

2.Try using scissor over trimmers as it’s the safer option. Trimmers being powered electric motors, make them much harder to control. If you have not mastered your trimmer, there is a good chance that you lose control over it and cut too much of your beard. On the other hand, scissors are very easy to control and you can easily decide how much of your beard you want to cut.

3. Don’t be too fussy about your beard. As for most of us left side and right side of our bodies are not exactly the same; don’t try to achieve the perfectly symmetrical beard trim. As long as in looks reasonably symmetrical and neat in a first or second glance, be confident that most people won’t notice if there is a flaw in your trimmed beard. The more you try to get it right, the more is the chance that you cut too much of your beard in an attempt to achieve perfection.

4.If you are not using a beard oil to nourish your beard and avoid split ends, at least trim the tip of your facial hairs once in a while to get rid of those hair-damaging split ends.

5.Always cut a little and if you are not happy with the results trim a little bit more. The process is not reversible and it takes a lot of time and patience to grow the beard back. Keep the neckline natural. As the name states, it’s a neckline. Don’t trim it too high and tun it into a cheek line as it would look hideous and make you look chunkier than what you really are.

Beard On!

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