Top 14 movies every real man should see

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There is a right of passage that every man must take in this ‘age of information’ and it can be an actually highly disputed topic when it comes down to the specifics. We at Iron John Beard Co. feel it important that every man see these movies at least once in there lifetime if they want to consider themselves a man. Have a look. What do you think?
1)  Big Trouble in Little China 1986

Big Trouble in Little China

This cult classic is arguably the best performance of Kurt Russell’s life, and the guy isn’t even dead yet. His character, Jack Burton is the epitome of swagger and just not knowing any better to give up. Besides, its all in the reflexes.

2)  Predator 1987


The all-star body mass line-up in this movie alone should give you all the reason you need to see the movie, let alone give you the inspiration you need to get yourself to the gym. One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best films, you get to see him duke it out one on one with a muscular alien. What more do you want?

3)  300 2006


This gritty graphic novel style movie is the tale told of the famous Spartan warriors that held off an insane number of Persians from attacking their city. A true tale of heroism, this is a must-see for any man. Plus, it is fun to yell, “This is Sparta!”

4)  Fight Club 1999

fight club

One of Brad Pitt’s best (some say ‘only’) movies that you can’t help but love. A story that makes you question what it is to be a man (and your sanity). If you could pick anyone, who would you like to fight?

5)  Conan the Barbarian 1982


By many, this medieval masterpiece is thought to be the movie that jump started Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career into super stardom. In his peak of musclebound pumpitude, he sets off to avenge his parents whom were slain by an evil sorcerer.

6)  First Blood 1982

first blood

Just a great movie about things going way too far. See Sylvester Stallone starting his reign as one of the best muscle gods of the silver screen. If anything, he put survival knives and impromptu head bands on the cool map.

7)  Enter the Dragon 1973

enter the dragon

Bruce Lee in his box office blaster single handedly made martial arts what it is today. It was the first Chinese martial arts film to have been produced by a major Hollywood studio. Jackie Chan even appeared in the movie. A must watch for any martial arts fanatic.

8)  Braveheart 1995


Mel Gibson stars as the warrior and Scottish national hero William Wallace.  He spearheaded Scotland’s long fight against the English toward freedom for his country. His martyrdom paved the way for eventual success and Mel Gibson does a fantastic job recreating the story. It was not 100% historically accurate, but a bad-ass movie none the less!

9)  Star Wars episode IV 1977

Star Wars

I keep running into admittedly a younger generation who have not seen Star Wars Episode IV and am just shocked. This movie set the standard for space movies domestic and abroad and has volumes written on the deeper meaning of the story and dialogue. As comedian Bill Burr called it, a “…self-help book put in space…”

10)  The Matrix 1999


This movie was an absolute mind-blower!
Artificial intelligent machines, insane fight scenes, all-star cast, and a story that gets deeper, every time you watch it!

11)  Heat 1995


Heat took the most bad-ass of actors to create a truly awesome cast. Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, and Val kilmer, reenacted a true story of professional bank robbers and what it took to catch them. The film’s shoot-out scenes have been inspiration for numerous robberies including the infamous 44-minute North Hollywood shoot-out in 1997.

12)  Gladiator 2000


Nothing better than a duel to the death. Especially if there is an exciting, vengeance filled background story. Sword fights, gladiators, and tigers, oh my! You will be entertained.

13)  The Last Samurai 2003

The last Samurai

In this epic tale of Japan being forced to open its gates to the world and its rising economy, we see the true meaning of valor, honor, and most importantly, how to sword fight like a boss.

14)  They Live 1988

They live

Another John Carpenter masterpiece.  Rowdy Roddy Piper is a down-on-his-luck construction worker that discovers a pair of special sunglasses that allow him to see aliens! This movie is actually rumored to be the inspiration for Shepard Fairey’s clothing line, OBEY.


We hope you have seen these movies at least once. If you haven’t, go out and watch them today! You will not regret it.  Of course it is impossible to name them all, but what movie do you think is a must see for a man to be a man?

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