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Hand Crafted Beard Oil -1 fl oz

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Iron John Beard oil is a scent with universal appeal. It’s light, fresh, nostalgic and energetic all at the same time. The unique blend of natural oils work in harmony to build the perfect aroma that makes you feel alive and powerful, from Wild to Styled.

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Find out why the very famous Dr. Andrew Weil uses Iron John Beard Oil Here.

Resulting from years of research and consultation by experts in the fields of natural medicine and organic properties, Iron John beard oil is made with only the finest natural blends of oils.  This 100% natural beard oil is designed to be very lightweight and will help keep your beard conditioned and shiny.  Because it’s a lightweight blend, it won’t weigh down your beard or feel greasy.  We did not lower our standards by using inexpensive ingredients such as glycerine like many of the beard oil recipes out there.  In the long run, glycerine seems to dry out in non-humid locations leaving your beard dry.  Iron John beard oil is truly a premium, all natural, intoxicating fragrance that you will love lathering on your beard.

This Iron John Beard oil is a scent with universal appeal. It’s light, fresh, nostalgic and energetic all at the same time. The unique blend of natural oils works in harmony to build the perfect aroma that makes you feel alive and powerful, from Wild to Styled.


*Softens and conditions not only your beard but the skin beneath it.

*Enhances beard health and protects from dandruff and split ends.

*Smells great to men and women.

*It tames even the most unruly wild hairs.

*It protects the beard from wear and tear.


No. 12 Beard Oil is produce of years of experience.  This proprietary combination of all organic carrier oils and essential oils makes it the best beard oil on the market.  We guarantee it.

Made from Organic soybean oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, a proprietary blend of essential oils and vitamin A.
Warning: Do not consume, Not for internal use.

May contain oil from nuts.



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26 reviews for Hand Crafted Beard Oil -1 fl oz

  1. Mike Smitch

    I’ve used many different beard oils over the years and this one is right up there. What I liked the most about this beard oil is how smooth it goes on, and how long it lasts. Great scent and it leaves my beard feeling soft and hydrated. Highly recommended! Thanks guys.

  2. Dan K.

    OMG. This stuff is SO much better than the stuff they sell at the natural food store! Iron John Beard Oil is as smooth as silk! The stuff I got at the natural food store was greasy and I didn’t like the smell. Iron John Beard Oil smells fresh and clean like Tea Tree or eucalyptus. Great work guys! This is definitely getting added to my morning ritual from now on!

  3. Jenny D.

    My husband is not a big reviewer but since I bought him a bottle of Iron John Beard Oil for his birthday I just wanted to say how much I like it. He has tried some other big brands out there and WHEW, did they stink! Iron John smells so good, it reminds me of something between a garden and the woods. And it is not oily like the other brands my husband tried -I would touch his beard and have to wipe my hand off on something! It just leaves his beard soft without the residue. Good work fellas! Now I don’t have to run from the beard! 🙂

  4. Brad L.

    Great stuff! I have to keep my beard trimmed and neat for my job, but my girlfriend says it is prickly. I put some Iron John Beard Oil on before I see my girlfriend and she says it smells really good. The best part is she no longer complains about my beard being prickly. It softens my beard really well. If I end up getting married, I will end up having to purchasing a case full of Iron John Beard Oil!

  5. Trever K.

    Great stuff! I think you guys really hit the nail on the head with this one. The consistency is the best I have ever seen. It is not as thick as others I have tried. It goes on so smooth on my beard- I love it!

  6. Tim D.

    Wow guys. Give yourselves a hand! This stuff is great. It smells so fresh, like green tea. I just took the old brand that I had and dumped it down the toilet! LOL

  7. Bobby D.

    Good Oil. I would prefer a more spicy smell.

  8. Darren F.

    Great beard oil. I like how I can use a lot to make my beard shiny, or just a little to soften it and it remains non-greasy.

  9. Danny F.

    This is really a great product. What an awesome ritual to have every morning! After my shower, I put on the beard oil and it just starts my day off right! -good smell, good feeling, I love it!

  10. Johnothan S.

    Been through 4 different beard oils now. Finally found one I like. Iron John Beard Oil is nice, natural, and fresh. The last oil I tried from another company actually made me sick to my stomach because of all the artificial/synthetic ingredients. RALPH! lol

  11. Joe B.

    I never tried beard oil before. I read online and watched a couple videos. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. It is so cool to put this on every morning. I especially like putting it on before a date. It is like the little something that I was missing to get my mojo primed for the sexy ladies!

  12. Will D.

    Much better than the last crap I tried!

  13. Sam

    Great Oil guys. I tried mixing my own beard oil and I can’t get the consistency right. Either it is too oily, or I make it too thick! Your formulation is just Awesome!

  14. Carl

    I bought two bottles because I read on Dr. Weil’s blog that he uses Iron John Beard oil. I really respect Dr. Weil and his advice on healthy living. He also has a tremendous beard! So my bottles just arrived today and I am really impressed. I understand why Dr. Weil recommended it. Iron John Beard Oil is really great. It is not too thick and smells great! And being all natural is icing on the cake!

  15. Terry P.

    Wonderful. I love the smell! It smells so fresh!

  16. Jonna

    Thanks guys. I just have a short beard, but the beard oil softens the ends so it is not as prickly -the old lady loves it!

  17. Tom Romeo

    This stuff is really incredible. Friends of mine have tried both the dollar beard club and apothecary87’s beard oil, but way prefer to use my Iron John oil. It softens my beard while not being too heavy or sticky. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way and I can’t imagine having a beard and not using this product daily.

  18. Dennis R.

    Love it! It is not oily like the home-concoctions I have experimented with! Forget that! I am just going to buy Iron John from now on!

  19. Jerry

    I love it! The leather sheath is really cool too! The sheath is awesome because I have my beard oil with me everywhere I go. I can freshen up the beard right before I see any special lady friends! ;)>

  20. Jesse

    Super. This stuff is bad-ass. Love the leather sheath too. It looks great when I am on my chopper. Keep up the good work guys.

  21. John

    Really great beard oil. I love the smell. It is so much better than the others I have tried. Usually they are really strong and I get sick of smelling them on my face, but Iron John Beard Oil smells great but is not overpowering. I got a compliment from my date just last night, hence the positive review!

  22. gerrick

    Awesome. My wife loves the smell. I think putting in my beard oil every morning is a great morning ritual.

  23. earl

    Great stuff. I love the new dropper style bottles. The make it a lot easier to put the beard oil on.

  24. Dwayne

    I really like this beard oil. It is so smooth, it is not greasy at all like others I have tried. I also tried to make it myself and it was a disaster. I can’t imagine making anything better than Iron John Beard Oil. It is Premium stuff. I wish you guys had some other scents though.

  25. Chris

    Much better than the garbag…, I mean, other beard oil I was using. lol I like how the smell is not to strong, but smells great!

  26. Devin Selder

    Great smell. I can’t describe it. It has a light citrus smell mixed with I don’t know what but it is really great. The oil is so smooth and not sticky like the other ones I have tried.

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