Iron John Beard Oil on short beards too

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Some of you have to keep your beard trimmed short for work or wife and you may be wondering if beard oil is really necessary?

The answer is a resounding YES!
You see beard oil is not just to keep long hair healthy, it conditions not only your beard but the skin beneath it.
It not only enhances beard health for longer hairs that are prone to split ends, but it also protects the skin from dandruff. The greatest part is that it softens your beard so that special someone will want to get that much closer. It will also cut down on beard itch so you won’t be scratching all the time looking like a caveman. Iron John Beard Oil also smells great to men and women, so you will love it, your lady friend will love it, and anyone in between will love it too!

Grab a bottle and give it a try. We not only recommend it, we guarantee it!

Iron John Beard Oil

Made in the USA for the discerning beardsman.

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